Special Artist Performance

AntoniaRehnenAntonia Rehnen is an artist based in Groningen, the Netherlands. In her art practice the medium collage forms the basis. By adding stop-motion animation, digital media and printmaking her work finally results in collages, films and artist’s books. She approaches her work as a visualisation of thought streams which serve as starting points to build a world around. She will present her short film “Memories wrapped in paper planes” at the pre-conference engaging the audience to reflect on the role of memory and the digital in the arts. The short film combines handmade cut-out stop-motion-animation and digitally curated archive film footage. It approaches a narrative, creating a poetic space in which ideas of time and memories seem to wander. Through the recycling of film footage it explores memories of strangers, which, interwoven with the inner mindscapes of the artist, will remind us that the human mind is in itself a limitless archive of images. As part of the pre-conference “Media, Memory and Communication in the Digital Age” it challenges the question of the importance of preserving one’s own memories in contrast to creating a new form of memory through the use of ‘public memories’. The short film presentation will be followed by a Q+A with the artist.


A collection of stills from the short film “Memories wrapped in paper planes”:

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